Cotton wax 2mm / (Basic) Cords

Cotton Wax cord: a sturdy, round, cotton cord for all your creative and practical applications.

Cotton Wax is a tight-weave cord with a wax layer. This multifunctional cord belongs to the Vivant Cords collection.

Cotton Wax (item number: 1117) is often purchased by jewellers’, the textile industry, garden centres, and craft shops. The cord consists of pure cotton with a thin layer of wax, producing a leather look. It is a useful, multipurpose cord for tying, hanging up objects, or decorating home furnishings. The cord looks fantastic in combination with beads and jewellery or as matching string for Easter and Christmas decorations.

Vivant’s Cotton Wax is a natural, smooth cord with a glossy top layer and is available in 17 colours. The cord is bundled in balls of 20 metres and also available in rolls of 200 metres.

Color chart

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