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Cotton Cord: a thin or thick-twine, monochrome cord made of 100% cotton for all your practical and craft applications.

Cotton Cord is a natural rope in the Vivant Basic Cords collection.

Cotton Cord (item number: 1043) is widely sold within all segments, including to retailers and specialist wholesalers. The rope consists of 100% cotton and is often used for knotting, crocheting, making jewellery, closing packaging, or decorating. The cord’s versatility means it’s suitable for all kinds of applications, such as for tying key rings or bouquets. The thicker ropes are used in interior design as curtain cords or as a craft material for crocheting pouffes or coarse cushion covers.

Cotton Cord has been a great sales item at Vivant for years thanks to its very competitive price.

Vivant’s Cotton Cord is a natural cord made of 100% cotton.

The 2-millimetre format on small, 50-metre reels with kraft-paper tube looks extremely charming.

The cone-shaped, kraft-paper reel for the 500-metre format gives the item an authentic look. The cords have a thickness of 6 millimetres and 20 millimetres and are rolled up in a bundle.

You can choose from 20 fantastic colours, with trend colours added every year.

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