Carat paper is a real classic in the Vivant collection. This sumptuous paper with gold or silver accents is available in 8 different colours.  

The basis of Carat paper is hand-made silk paper made of mulberry paper, incorporating gold and silver flakes. Carat paper (item number: 0080) has many possible uses: it’s fantastic for wrapping flower bouquets or as a place mat in a brasserie or restaurant.

This makes both a popular gift wrap and a favourite with florists’ and catering companies.

This paper is well suited for use in various industries thanks to its stylish design and wide palette, being available in 8 beautiful colours,

such pink silk paper with silver accents or burgundy with golden flakes. The sheets of paper are available in 2 sizes: 70 centimetres x 50 centimetres and 100 centimetres x 70 centimetres.

Color chart

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