Velvet bunny sleeves en eierwarmers als paasdecoratie op tafel of etalage

With Easter in prospect, our soft Velvet bunny sleeves are an original interior decoration. They look great on a set Easter table, as an eye-catcher on your windowsill or in a spring shop window.

These cuddly sleeves come in three sizes, the two largest being suitable for various bottles or glasses. The smallest size is perfect to use as an egg warmer. There are three colors available, in taupe, olive green and cream. Do you want to surprise someone with Easter? Then a set of Velvet bunnies is definitely recommended.

You can find these cute bunnies under our „Celebrations page“ under the heading „Easter“ or directly under “Decorations” on the product page. If you want to know more about this product, please contact us!

Happy Easter!

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