Personalisation is a topic that has proven to be a very strong communication tool for companies and marketeers because it is an important contact moment for your brand with the customer. The Packaging of the product is often the first thing your customer will see of your product. Adding a personal touch (your own branded ribbon) can really make the difference in leaving a lasting impression and increases the trust in your brand.

The personalized touch to the packaging of the product shows that you as a company are proud of your brand and that you’ve paid attention to give the product or gift a beautiful finish.

Branded ribbon examples

Bespoke ribbons aren’t just limited to large businesses. Ribbon with a message also works well as for decorating occasions or DIY and craft projects. But also think of, for example the sporting community, for corporate gifts, special events, craft and artisan wrapping, for weddings, florists and jewelers.

So, whether it’s a ribbon around a perfume box from a big brand name or a bouquet from a local shop, personalized ribbons are sure to help you get your sales up!

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