We’d like to put our Batiste decorative ribbon in the spotlight!

Woven from fine, soft yarns from rayon and other fabrics, Batiste is a translucent textile that has a pure, natural look and is refreshingly soft to the touch.
The rayon yarns give the huge range of available colours a gorgeous look and feel.
We offer both a monochrome Batiste and a Batiste Deluxe, i.e. with a matt-gold or matt-silver edge.

Extremely stylish and perfect as a finishing touch to floral arrangements, for gifts, or on beautifully laid tables, both versions of Batiste offer endless possibilities.

The monochrome Batiste ribbons are available in three sizes. While the narrowest ribbon measuring 15 mm width has no wire edge (item number: 3042), the two widest ribbons measuring 25 and 38 mm do contain wire (item number: 3041) to create beautiful traditional bows and pom-pom bows.

The Batiste Deluxe ribbon features a gold or silver edge and is available in widths of 15 mm (item number: 3039) and 25 mm (item number: 3038). The widest size of this luxury version is also wired.

Batiste decorative ribbons are very easy to use in all kinds of applications.

Use Batiste to add that special something to gift wrapping, to brighten up bouquets, or to provide a touch of class and style to beautifully laid tables.

Batiste expresses your refined aesthetic sense.
Purchase Batiste now and give any display a unique, eye-catching signature.

Batiste: the pinnacle of decoration

Batiste deluxe ribbon

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